Competitions & Rules


Special Subject Competitions & Image Evenings

For all submitted work, the original photographic images must be less than 2 years old on the first day of the season in question. All images must be entirely the Member's own work.
Composite images may contain minor elements which do not comply with the age rule

An image may be entered as a PDI or a Print in a critique evening and the same image in the same format or in a different format i.e. print instead of PDI or vice versa, in a Special Subject.

An image may NOT be entered in a Special Subject first and then in a critique evening.

An image entered as a PDI or a Print in its first viewing in the club, in either a critique evening or a special subject, can be entered in either the Print of the Year or PDI of the Year, but not both.

Images entered in Print of the Year or PDI of the Year must have been seen in the club during the same club year e.g. 2019-2020.

For every entered PDI & Print, an Image file 1600 x 1200 (SRGB) must be sent to:

no later than the MONDAY night before the Wednesday image evening, or hand in date (as programme) for a competition.
For Prints, this image file is to be prepared as if it were a projected image.


Regional & London Salon

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