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11th March Meeting Report

A meeting of great variety and many presentations.
Firstly, Brian gave a short account from the recent WCPF Knightshayes Trophy. A competition open to members of any club within the WCPF catchment. A new subject is chosen each year; this year was “Urban Landscape”. There were 147 entries and the winning image was ‘Pots Early Morning, Cityscape’ , by our own PENRY ARCHER. Very well done to Penry.
Next years theme is TOGETHERNESS.

Our evening then continued with 9 short presentations by club members. A great variety and lots to chat about.

Gannets was Adrians theme. Taken over about 30 years, although mostly last year, these beautiful birds were expertly shown in their environment, mostly on Bass Rock, and a few from Bempton Cliffs. Fabulous birds.

Giles showed some of the images he takes for a company called Dcuk. Amusing wooden ducks, owls and little birds, photographed with a suitable background. Giles selects and arranges the backgrounds to look natural. I think we’ll all be googling the company. It looks fun

Jane had been on a photographic course in the New Forest in November, so had been able to capture the lovely Autumn colours, despite the rain. A lovely colourful and peaceful presentation.

John Wade had visited the Nottinghill Carnival, and taken lots of really colourful people images. The headdresses were fabulous and framed the people’s faces, so eliminating the busy backgrounds. He had collaborated with Stewart, and set the images to music as an AV show.

Johnny Bullingham then showed us a few images from a recent trip to Andalusia , Spain, lovely old buildings, typically Spanish. Plus some images which he’d previously shown and had been critiqued by a judge. He had applied their suggestions and showed us the result. Good to see the before and after.

Sally Wade had been to Funchal in Madeira with family. It was recommended to visit the old part of the town, and she found all the doors in the town had been painted with scenes. Some amusing, others illustrating what was behind the door and others just patterned. Sally described it as an outdoor walk around art gallery. Well worth a visit with the camera.

Stewart continued the Art theme by showing images from a recent visit to Middleport Pottery in the Midlands. A very old pottery, where some of the original had been preserved, but pottery was still being produced in a more modern extension. We were shown the whole process, the people who worked there and the finished product. Very interesting.

After a short break, Brian showed ‘ The Workshop and their Inhabitants’. Brian has his own workshop where he tends to his vintage cars. Was fascinating to see the selection of sheds and the men who inhabit them. Tools of all sorts both old and new, lots of grease and oil both on clothes and tools, plus signs and posters on the walls. Not a naked calendar in sight!

Finally a lesson on Semiotics; the study of signs. As usual, an amusing and very different slant on photography from John E J. First the study and meaning of signs, why they are needed and their purpose, followed by some brilliant examples of signage. Who else would wander around taking photos of broken and defaced signs. A great presentation to finish the evening on.

Well done to all presenters.

We will review the need to cancel meetings due to the Coronavirus on a week by week basis