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26th February Meeting Report

This evening another of our Special Subjects— tonight was Street Photography.
Very much open to interpretation, and our judge had his own ideas.
The judge was Graham Barrett ARPS from the South West Photography School.

Members submitted 21 Prints and 33 dpi images.
Resulting in;

1st—-The Art Dealer by Stewart P
2nd—-Street Musician by Stewart P
3rd—-The First Lap by Sue H
HC—-Underground Overground by Roger W
HC—-Street Musician and Assistant by John EJ
HC—-The Daily Grind by Brian G

1st—-Trying to Convince by Brian G
2nd—-Nicchio Contrada Marching, Siena by John W
3rd—-St Paul’s by Sally W
HC—-Watching the Carnival by John W
HC—-Beef with Pickle by Penry A
HC—-Selfie Please by Sally W

Well done to all participants, and many thanks to Graham for his time and expertise judging our images.

Next week PDIi 5