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29th January Meeting Report

Another of the club’s prestigious Annual competitions. This evening 'NATURE in the environment'

The judge for this evening was Bill Hall, ARPS, DPAGB,ABPE, now from the Truro CC . Previously he was a member of the Rolls Royce club in Derby. Bill has been judging for around 20 years; mainly on Natural History subjects.

There were only 13 prints submitted resulting in;
1st—-Brown Hare by Adrian L
2nd—-Gannets by Adrian L
3rd—-Lava Cactus on Pahoehoe or Ropey Lava by Penry A
HC—-Short Eared Owl by Jane P
HC—-Lava Heron by Penry A

There were more pdi’s submitted. 24 in all.

1st—-Grey Heron by Adrian L
2nd—-Frog in Winter Flood by Adrian L
3rd—-Lizard Fern in Slate Quarry by Brian G
HC—-Sea Hare on Calciferous Seaweed by John EJ
HC—-Juvenile Herring Gull by Tom I
HC—Oak Tree Fungus by Stewart P

A clean sweep for Adrian, but some other excellent images.
Many thanks to Bill for putting much effort into judging our work.