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15th January Meeting Report

A mixture of the sensible and the ridiculous this evening.
No competition, so a chance for members to show their creative skills!!
Members were forwarded 4 uninspiring images and invited to ‘do do their best and improve them’ . This is where the ridiculous came in. People in unlikely places, cruise liners and horses within Eden etc. Some brilliantly silly images and even a couple of good but sensible ones.

After coffee and raffle, Giles showed images taken from dawn onwards in Truro. With a wet road and lighting in shops, he had put together a lovely view of Truro before the crowds arrived. This acted as a good precursor to the Street Photography competition which we have in a few weeks time. It showed the importance of lighting and having a person, people or object as a focal point.

Finally John E J did another of his quirky presentations; this time SELFIES through the ages. Starting way back and bringing us up to date with images of himself, either intentional or otherwise. Mostly indirect images taken as reflections in windows, mirrors or shiny surfaces. Another interesting and amusing presentation from John.
As a result of Johns images, we have all been asked to trawl through our photos and find examples of our own selfies.

Next week is our turn to view the WCPF Members Exhibition travelling print portfolio..