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11th December Meeting Report

Before the start of the official evening, thoughts were shared after the very untimely passing of Jeremy Shepherd, a popular and well loved club member. After full consultation with his wife, Lynn, Jeremy’s images were still included in the evening's competition.

This weeks competition was another of our ‘Special Subject’ events. This time Movie Titles.
The judge for the evening was Dean Eades, a member of Falmouth Camera Club.



1st—- Night of the Iguana by Penry A.
2nd—-Train Spotting by Jeremy S.
3rd—-Round Midnight by John W.
HC —-The Graduate by John Wade
HC—-Shaun of the Dead by Penry A.
HC—-It Happened One Night by Norma H.


1st—-Mission to Mir by Anne C.
2nd—-The Moon and the Sun by John E J
3rd—-Out of Africa by Delia T
HC—-The Pianist by Jeremy S.
HC—-Biker Boys by Penry A.
HC—-101 Dalmatians by Jeremy S.

An evening with some great images and the results a fitting tribute to Jeremy.