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6th March Meeting Report

No competition this week so time for a little fun along with some learning.
All members were sent 5 files of ordinary photos and encouraged to alter/ improve/ fiddle with, as they thought fit.

45 'created' images were received back, and varied from simple cropping and sharpening, through filters being added and desaturation, up to a few unlikely images including the battleship Queen Elizabeth entering St Ives harbour!!!.
A really amusing exercise which above all, showed the value of strategic cropping.
Each member explained how the alterations were achieved, so we all learnt something.

After the break John Wade showed us a lovely presentation on how he achieves his very low light images taken at music events and venues, where the lighting colours and flashing lights are very difficult to control. Certainly food for thought.

Away from the club room, 6 members --Jane, Delia, Adrian, Brian, Penry and Stewart-- represented the club at Wadebridge's Annual Town Quiz. We did our best, but coming 17th out of the 23 teams, just goes to prove that we at least, don't spend all our time in front of the TV!!!!
However, £800 was raised for the towns carnival so worth doing. Was a great evening.