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27th February Meeting Report

The last of our Special Subjects for this season. This time 'WEATHER'. Hugh Leatheram was our judge for the evening. Hugh attends Launceston Camera Club and has just attained his judging wings.
He had paid great attention to all our images and written notes for each one. Resulting in;

PRINTS (15 entered)
1st-----Wet Night in the Town Square by Jeremy S
2nd-----Too Wet to Fish by Stewart P
3rd-----Cold and Misty in Margate by John EJ
HC-----Puddle Wonderful by Penry A
Hugh also did 2 'worthy of mention' awards
-----Dead of Winter by Penry A
-----Just a Shower by Stewart P

PDI's ( 32 entered)
1st-----Weather Outlook by Jeremy S
2nd-----No Wind Today by John EJ
3rd-----Rainy Day on the Pier by Steph T
HC-----Snowstorm by Anne C
C-----Rain Stopped Tea by Stewart P
'worthy of mention' awards to
----Estuary Gale by John W
----Frosted Leaf by Delia T
----Caught in a Snowstorm by Jeremy S
----A Hard Rain's Going to Fall by John W

Many thanks to Hugh for all his hard working judging our images