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6th February Meeting Report

Theme 2 this evening. This time the theme was SHADOWS

This generated 26 images, each had to have been taken in the 3 weeks since the theme was announced.

Judging is done by secret marking by the members. The result was close except for the winner. Only 8 of the images didn't score at all.

The runaway winner, with 25 points was The Lady Next Door, by Steve Carter

2nd, with 10 points was There in the Shadows by Stewart P

3rd, with 8 points was Morning Shadows by Giles W

After coffee break, we saw some images from the Frome Wessex Salon. Firstly, a new category for phone images. Looking at some of them, who needs to carry a heavy camera???

We then saw the accepted 'SCAPES' images. Landscapes very rarely get the results they deserve, and a section for them alone, produced some wonderful images.

Both theses categories may be considered by the club at a future time.

Next week, the results of out Nature in Close Up competition