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9th January Meeting Report

This first meeting of the New Year was PDI 4 and 33 images were submitted by members for critique; two Gold and 14 Silver awards were given.


The Green Room by Andy Watkins
Thus fed my eye by Roger Williams


The Phone Call by John Wade
Sandwich Tern by Adrian Langdon
Beach Bass Fishing by Andy Watkins
At the top and in the light by John Evans-Jones
Abbotsbury by Penry Archer
Mother Iveys by Giles Wilson
Early Morning Walk by Jenny Cheesman
Dicentra Spectabilis by Jeremy Shepherd
Nature as art by Anne Chapman
Thinking tubes of light
Tea-break by Giles Wilson
Sunflower in field by Jenny Cheesman
Table wine in St Ives by Sue Hambly
Blue-footed booby chick by Penry Archer

Next week will be Print 4; entries for this meeting and also entries for the Charles Hosken competition should be sent in by midnight on Monday 14th February