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14th November Meeting Report

This evening was the 2nd of our Special Subject competitions. Tonight was PORTRAIT ( one person-not child or animal).
As usual with a Special Subject an outside judge is appointed. For this we invited Ian Clements to judge our work
Ian is a longstanding member of Ivybridge Camera Club, fairly new to judging but an experienced photographer.


1st---The Preacher by John EJ
2nd---Owen by Giles W
3rd---The Lady with the Red Hair by John W
HC---Kru by Adrian L
HC---Full Face by Tom I
HC---Too Close by Tom I
HC---Nina by Penry A


1st---Mel by Tom I
2nd =---Dave by Tom I
2nd =---Nathaniel by Stewart P
HC---Big John by Penry A
HC---John by Jeremy S
HC---A Moments Pause by John W
HC---On My Doorstep by Jeremy S
HC---Mark by Penry A
HC---He's Late by John W

A good evening with some lovely images.
Many thanks to Ian for some thoughtful judging.

Next week on Monday is the 3 way battle down at Carbis Bay, then Wednesday our own pdi evening. 2 images per member