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10th October Meeting Report

This week our Annual viewing of the prestigious London Salon. This Salon is well known for its alternative and often controversial selections. The results often owe much to a competent use of a computer as well as using a camera.
This year was no exception, but many of the 90 images shown produced much discussion, criticism and debate.
However one of our members, Penry, had an image selected. Aspects of Venice was one of the few images which showed more photographer input than computer input. Well done to Penry.

During the break the 5 images for the clubs entry into the WCPF Kingswood Salver panel competition were on show. This will be judged this weekend, so good luck to us.

After tea, Jane P, gave a very useful and informative talk on taking macro images - a useful lead in to this seasons nature competition which is Nature in Close up. Jane explained that a dedicated macro lens is not essential, as often a longer zoom lens is more practical as it incurs less disturbance for the subject. She then showed some images illustrating both lenses and varying settings. Many thanks to Jane for a very useful demonstration.

Next week is the result from the Monochrome Competition.

Tickets for the CPA Nature Competition are on sale now at £3 each. Please see Jane for these. Tickets are restricted. The showing is at Carnon Downs Village Hall on Sat Nov 10, at 7.30pm